My guinea pig lost his cage mate, shall i introduce another guinea pig

My guinea pig lost his cage mate

My guinea pig lost his cage mate. If you have had two guinea pigs living together and one piggy happens to pass away then the issue is that the other guinea pig can quickly become very lonely.

My guinea pig lost his cage mate

Going from having a friend at your side to just being on your own can be a difficult thing for a guinea pig.

They may not noticeably show it but as social creatures, they very much enjoy the company of others.

But you may notice some changes in their behavior, such as becoming quieter.

They are not creatures for expressing their emotions though.

Shall I introduce another guinea pig?

So if they lose a cage mate, then it is a good idea to consider introducing a new guinea pig. A good reference for this is this post here.

This is better done sooner rather than later.

A new guinea pig is best obtained from a rescue where they are known by expert staff who can recommend one that might be suitable and know their character.

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