do guinea pigs like the snow

Do Guinea Pigs Like The Snow?

With winter temperatures being prevalent at the moment, there may be places around the world where snow has fallen. This can present a problem to piggie owners. Do we keep our guinea pigs outside or do we bring them inside?

Do guinea pigs like the snow at all?

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Although they are hardy animals, guinea pigs should not be outside in temperatures below 10 degrees celcius, and definately not below 5 degrees celcius.

It is just too cold for them.

So if a guinea pig were to take a dip in the snow, they would get quite a shock as they are just not used to it. They don’t like freezing temperatures at all.

Like humans, if they encounter snow they will look for the nearest warm place to shelter in and get warm.

So when it is snowing, please make sure your guinea pigs are safely inside a sheltered environment amongst some warm hay. They will appreciate it a whole lot more.

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