Do Guinea Pigs Know When They’re Full?

One of the funny things about guinea pigs is their appetite.

They just love to eat.

They always seem to be hungry and are always on the look out for food.

The slightest sound of my footsteps, the creaking of the door into where they are, and they are suddenly wheaking away!

They sense food is coming!

In fact they seem like they can eat forever.

So do guinea pigs know when they’re full or do they just keep eating and eating with no regard for themselves??

In my experience, yes they do know and understand when they are full.

Often when i leave their food ready for them in their bowl, they will eat some of it for a while.

Then after a time, they will leave it, often unfinished and go do something else.

Now, this maybe because they are bored, but in my opinion, they know that they have had enough food for the time being.

They will come back to their food later and recommence eating.

In my experience, guinea pigs love to have food available all of the time so that they can eat when they want.

Sometimes, I return to their living space and there is still food in the bowl often many hours later. There are times when they just aren’t that hungry or they have just had enough.

It is often hard to know how much food to give them. Over time, you will get a feel for how much your guinea pig needs.

In this case, it is better to over feed your piggie rather than underfeed it.

The thing you can do for them is to leave out hay for them to chew on all of the time.

By leaving out hay for them to chew on, they can grind their teeth on it and ensure they are at a sufficient level so as not to cause them pain.

So in conclusion, yes guinea pigs do know and understand when they are full. They will eat what they want and leave what they don’t need.

Guinea pigs seem like they know themselves well and will hold back if they’ve had enough or don’t like something.

They are quite intelligent creatures in this sense.



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