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Should guinea pigs be bought in pairs?

Often when one buys a guinea pig at first, it is bought on it own. This is not surprising as it can often be a daunting thing getting a guinea pig for the first time and you wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed by it having not had one before.

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Why people often just get one guinea pig

This gives one the chance to try out owning a guinea pig and to try it out without having the burden of having too many to look after all at once as a total novice to owning a guinea pig.

However, you may find that the guinea pig gets very lonely after a while. This is because they are herd animals and meant to live in groups. They are most comfortable living with other guinea pigs and love to spend time in the company of others.

Why not try a pair of piggies?

This is why the ideal situation is to buy more than one guinea pig.

You could buy a pair of guinea pigs which really are not much more harder than just buying one guinea pig.

Two guinea pigs doesn’t necessarily mean much more work than one

The great thing about owning guinea pigs is that they are not high maintenance at all.

Yes, their cages need spot cleaning on a daily basis and a thorough deep clean on a weekly basis but aside from feeding them and cuddling them they don’t need much more than that.

If you do not have so much time on your hands, especially if you work during the day, you will find that you don’t have that much time to spend with your guinea pigs.
Because of this they do need company.

By having a pair of guinea pigs together, they can keep each other company and talk to each other. It means that they wont get lonely at all and will be much more lively.

I’ve had a lone guinea pig before. It’s a sad sight as you can tell that they are lonely and sad, and mine immediately perked up when another guinea pig arrived to keep it company.

Why two guinea pigs is better than one

So if you are thinking of getting guinea pigs, do consider getting a pair of guinea pigs instead of just the one piggy.

It will mean that they have much more fun, are less lonely and live in the way they like to live.

2 thoughts on “Should guinea pigs be bought in pairs?

  1. I say it is better to buy two guinea pigs then just one. Reason is they are sociable animals and no mater how much you love your cavies you can not spend the amount of time they really need with them.

    The reason I say this I bought Mocha first, then after two weeks went back to store and saw Atka all alone. The owner was talking to her aid and said him being alone so much stressed him so much he rarely ate. Fearing for him I bought him and as soon as he the other guinea pig he became more active.

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