what does guinea pig pee look like

What does guinea pig pee look like?

Just like us, guinea pigs need to pee too.

As liquid passes through their body they need to process it just like we do and so have to pee as we do.

What does guinea pig pee look like?

Guinea pig pee or is a white or yellow color.

It should be watery and not sludgy and have no bits in it.

Anything else other than watery would suggest that something is wrong with the guinea pig and they need to see a veterinary surgeon.

It can be quite alarming to see guinea pig pee for the first time especially if their pee is a white color but don’t worry. It is quite normal.

Guinea pigs poop too and you will regularly see their poop littering their home.

Can guinea pigs drink their own pee?

They will certainly try and sniff at it but are more likely to just ignore it and then walk right through it.

Guinea pigs won’t eat or drink anything that doesn’t take their fancy and this includes their own urine.

But if they take a sip of it they will be fine and they have been known to.

For more information on guinea pig pee, check out this guinea lynx article on it.



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