guinea pig bedding options

Comparing Guinea Pig Bedding Options

Using the right bedding for your guinea pig is something that is vital for their comfort.

They will love and appreciate it if you go that extra mile to prepare good bedding for them and maintain it so that they can sit and sleep in comfort.

So here is a guide to that looks at the different types of bedding that is out there.


1. For any bedding that is laid down, this is the first layer that needs to be put down.



Use newspaper as the base material for your bedding. It is absorbent and also helps keep in the warmth and makes cleaning the cage a whole lot easier.


2. Then there is a whole range of different types of bedding that you can use.


Wood shavings

Wood shavings are fine to use as bedding but must be cleaned up regularly. It is cheap to purchase but do watch what you buy.

Avoid any that has dust, as it gets in their eyes and can be very irritable for them.

Also don’t use cedar pine or wood shavings as it contains aromatic oils that piggies will find toxic.

Wood shavings than be purchased from any good pet store on

Aspen bedding

Aspen Bedding is manufactured from natural aspen shavings specifically made to eliminiate the dust and wood debris.

It comes from hardwood so eliminating aromatic oils that are found in other types of wood bedding.


guinea pig bedding optionsOne of the most popular forms of bedding because you can dispose of it easily .

My guinea pigs love to move it to one side especially in their pig loos so this will stop this from happening. It also makes for a really nice comfortable bed for them to sleep on.

However it does need cleaning out regularly at least a weekly basis.

For bedding, alfalfa hay is the best to use.

For eating, timothy hay is guinea pigs favourite.


Carefresh is a bedding that is specifically designed to get rid of any pet odour. It is very long-lasting and is absorbent with the ability to absorb up to 3 times its weight in liquid. It is also dust free and hypo-alergenic.

All that is needed is to add 1-3 inches at the bottom of a cage.


Some owners put fleece down for their piggies to bed on.

Fleece is a very popular bedding material as it is very warming for guinea pigs.

However, it does need maintaining on an almost daily basis as they are likely to pee and poop on it.

Therefore it is not a bedding that can be be left alone and needs to be washed often in a particular way.

This article on fleece is very informative on the subject of keeping it as clean as possible

‘Fleece should be washed with unscented laundry detergent. Using vinegar in the rinse cycle helps as well. Regular detergent may leave residue on the material and prevent the wicking action which is needed for a successful fleece bedding solution. It’s important to wash your fleece and absorbent liners in hot water in order to help kill bacteria and encourage wicking.’

So if you have the time and patience to maintain it, then fleece is a great bedding for your piggies and one that will find very comfortable.


Vedbed is a type of fleece that draws urine to the bottom layer so that guinea pigs can keep dry.

Just keep newspaper underneath which you can then change and clean out the poo. Your vetbed can then be washed as you see fit.

But make sure that you don’t use detergent or softener as it will ruin it. You can purchase it from any good online pet store.


Towels are a cheap way of providing bedding for guinea pigs. They are absorbent for guinea pigs but they still need to be changed almost daily to ensure that your guinea pigs are completely comfortable. You need not even buy expensive towels, very cheap ones will suffice. Make sure that the Towels are soft, and do not use any fabric softener when you wash them as it will reduce the absorbency of the material.

There are all kinds of bedding that can be used to put down for your guinea pigs. They do vary in price and in quality kits worth trying all the different guinea pig bedding options listed above to see what works for you. You may prefer one particular type to another.

If you can afford it, then do consider investing in good bedding, but guinea pigs will be more than happy with any of the options above, as long as it is maintained regularly.

7 thoughts on “Comparing Guinea Pig Bedding Options

  1. Thank you for the advice. I have been using some kind of recycled cardboard, fluffy stuff that says odor free for 10 days. Yea, right. How about 2. It is also very expensive and weighs a bit. I don’t drive and it is difficult for me to get to the pet store. I went online to several sites this morning and everyone is trying to sell their own thing. You gave me the exact information I was looking for. Wish you could jump right to the top of GOOGLE!

    Thank you again,
    Kacy J Wheatley

  2. Thank you for the helpfull info,and its true , most sites are trying to sell their own stuff, thank you for offering affordable alternatives!

  3. Dear Chris, I have looked at so many guinea pig websites since I got my boy Alex. I like yours the best by far. I have been using organic sugar cane mulch for my piggies bedding. I think he likes it. I was going to buy some old head beanies for him to snuggle in or old clothes but will it be too damp from the wee?

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