guinea pig hay holder

A Free Guinea Pig Hay Holder Alternative

Hay is the most important food for a guinea pig to have as part of their diet. It should take up 75% of their food intake.

Unlike other rodents like hamsters, gerbils and rats and mice, guinea pigs don’t need hay as bedding. In fact, when you lay it down for them they usually just move it to the side or even just pee on it.

So its important that the hay is set aside to ensure that the guinea pig can get to it but not pee in on it if they can help it.

You can buy a guinea pig hay holder to keep the hay in and these can be bought from any good pet store. But you can also do this for free very easily. 

free guinea pig hay holder

We finished a kitchen roll today, so I took the inside tube and broke it in half for my two

boars. Then I filled them both with the oxbow western timothy hay ensuring that it was sticking out both sides.

I’ve read about this idea on one of the guinea pig forums and thought i’d try it out.

Doing it this way provides a fun way of getting the guiena pig hay for your cavy. It means they can have some fun rooting into the tube to get it.

They can also enjoy chewing on the cardboard roll as well which provides an additional benefit.

Check out ‘Rocket’ enjoying it here


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