Can Guinea Pigs Walk on Wire Bottom Cages

Can Guinea Pigs Walk on Wire Bottom Cages?

Guinea pig cages come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some are wooden, some are plastic, some are even metal.

They are all made of different materials depending on what the owner prefers.

A big favorite of ours is C&C cages where you can piece together pieces together to construct the kind of cage that you want for your guinea pig.

They are loved by many for their versatility and adaptability.

There are also wooden cages that many owners use outside. These are durable cages that can withstand all kinds of weather.

They are treated with chemicals to ensure that they stay durable throughout the seasons.

Metal cages tend to be used inside, otherwise, they go rusty.

There are many different cages that you can buy for your guinea pigs and one of them is the wire bottom cage.

Wire bottom cages are those types of cage that have wire cris-crossed across the floor of the cage instead of wooden or plastic flooring.

They can be mesh-wire or harder and formed metal. But the precept is the same with both concepts.

So is it safe for guinea pigs walk on wire bottom cages?

Can Guinea Pigs Walk on Wire Bottom Cages?

It really isn’t good for them to do so at all.

They will hurt themselves and there is a real danger that they will trap their feet in the wire and get injured.

Guinea pigs feet are also very sensitive and delicate and the wire will irritate their feet as they tread on it.

However, you may be able to remove the mesh grid from the wire-bottom cage or you could take a wire cutter and cut off the wire bottom of the cage leaving the flat surface which is beneath it.

So steer clear of wire bottom cages

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