can guinea pigs walk on tiles

Can Guinea Pigs Walk on Tiles?

If you let your guinea pigs run around the house, then they may need to run on your kitchen tiles. It may seem like tiles are little bit hard underfoot for guinea pigs. It is understandable that carpet would be the better surface for them to walk on but tiles are another thing.

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So can guinea pigs walk on tiles and is it okay for them to do so?

Yes it is absolutely fine for them to do so, in fact it is good for them to do so and there are a few reasons for this.

When they walk on their nails it grinds them down which they need. This is because their nails are constantly growing and so need to be worn down or cut on a regular basis. Putting them down on tiles is a good way to help do this.

It wont’ hurt them. Guinea pigs are quite resilient and as long as the surface is quite smooth, it will be fine for them to walk on.

It enables you to clear up any poop and pee easily than off carpet. If they are in any particular place for a length of time, they are guaranteed to pee and poop. If they do this on carpet there is a lot more work involved in cleaning it up, where as if they do it on tiles it is obviously much easier to clear up.

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