can guinea pigs be trained

Can guinea pigs be trained?

Can guinea pigs be trained? Guinea pigs are creatures who can be very adaptable once they get to know you. Like many animals, once you gain their trust and they have grown to like you, they become more adaptable to doing the things that you ask them to do.

When they don’t trust you, are scared and simply run from you, this cant be the case and it is impossible to get them to become more adaptable when they don’t want to come near you.

But once you do gain their trust they are much more willing to do the things you want them to do.

You can establish communication between the two of you

Can guinea pigs be trained?

It depends on what you want them to do. Once you gain their trust you can teach them to do new things.

These range from the most basic of tasks and overtime can be developed to encompass more complicated things that you might ask them to do.

Just like this little guy here!

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