can guinea pigs swim in a bathtub

Can Guinea Pigs Swim in a Bathtub?

Can Guinea Pigs Swim in a Bathtub?
Guinea pigs are animals who are great at keeping themselves clean.
If you have a short-haired cavy, you will see that their ability to clean themselves is extremely good and they don’t need any help with this.
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However what if they get themselves ever so dirty and that you do feel they need a hand cleaning themselves?
You may also have a long haired cavy who are much more prone to attracting dirt and grime to their hair.
First of all, they don’t need regular bathing. They do look after themselves really well.
Secondly, if you do feel that they need bathing then fill your bath with about an inch of warmish water and let them walk about in the water so as to get rid of the grime and dirt.
Guinea pigs can swim if they need to, like most animals, but it stresses them and they shouldn’t be being put into the water where their feet can’t touch the bottom.
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