Can Guinea Pigs Run

Can Guinea Pigs Run?

If you have guinea pigs as a pet you will often see them ambling around their cage following one another or just merely spending time with each other.

But can guinea pigs run at all?

Yes, they most certainly can.

They do need the space to do so though.

If you give your guinea pigs some space to run around they will make the most of it and will start charging around.

They are extremely fast runners and as prey animals have the ability to get away from predators very quickly.

So if you do want to give your guinea pigs space to run, why not let them run around a room or set up a run that they can do this in your backyard.

You can even give them space in your home, if your relatives don’t mind so that they can enjoy a section of your house.

In fact, when they really get going, they are really quite fast.

So why not create a place for them to have a run, they will really love it.

2 thoughts on “Can Guinea Pigs Run?

  1. Hi – love your site. We have 2 guinea pigs – 2 Girls, Sparkle and Melody and they are 1 1/2 years old.

    We have a huge playpen and we put them in it – but they just sit there…we try to interact with them to try to get them playing – but again – they just sit there together….they will walk around sometimes – but never run around… this normal?

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