Can Guinea Pigs Get Lice?

What are lice?

When an animal gets lice it is called pediculosis. The most common louse is Gliricola porcelli which measures between 1 and 1.5 mm.

They are flat insects which do not have wings and considered biting lice. They abrade skin to obtain fluid.

Lice are a common problem for most animals and can cause them a great deal of problems if they are not treated correctly.

So can guinea pigs get lice?

Yes guinea pigs can get lice.

It is a common health issue for them.

Lice on guinea pigs can be seen around their neck and ears.

How can I stop my guinea pig getting lice?

Guinea pigs can catch lice from objects which have been contaminated with lice such as bedding, blankets, furniture and of course, other guinea pigs and animals.

Keeping your guinea pig in lice free areas is the way to prevent this. But this is easier said than done!

Keep their living space clean and sanitary. By routinely cleaning and disinfecting their living space you can help to prevent an infestation.

Keep their stress levels down. Stress compromises their ability to keep infections and infestations at bay, so ensuring they live in a stress free living space will really help them.

How do i know my guinea pig has lice?

Symptoms of a guinea pig who has lice are;

  •  a restless guinea pig
  • Inflamed skin around their ears and neck
  • Blood loss
  • A weak guinea pig
  • A very itchy guinea pig

You will be able to see lice and their eggs on their skin and hair with a magnifying glass.

What can do i do if my guinea pig has lice?

They need to be taken to a piggie-friendly veterinary surgeon who will be able to treat them with suitable medication and restore them to good health.

Further advice and information is offered at PetMD and Guinea lynx

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