can guinea pigs feel emotions

Can Guinea Pigs Feel Emotions?

Guinea pigs are creatures that sure do enlist emotions from us as owners.

They are animals who have been known to help people overcome problems such as anxiety and depression because of their calm nature.

Owners have been know to take them into psychiatric hospitals to show them people to help their mental health improve such is their nature.  Indeed it has become a more recognised treatment to present suitable animals to patients to help with their therapy. See here

But when it comes to their own nature and emotions, what do guinea pigs feel?

Can guinea pigs feel emotions?

Yes they do have the ability to feel emotions. Guinea pigs are very sensitive creatures and feel the emotions of their pack leader or their owner.

So if their owner is feeling sad, they will pick up on it. If their owner is happy they will pick up on that as well.

It does depend though on how much time the owner spends with the guinea pig.

If the owner spends a lot of time with the guinea pig, then the piggie is more likely to pick up on the emotions of the owner.

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