can guinea pigs eat their own pooop

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Their Own Pooop?

So the grossest thing happened today. I was sitting holding ‘Rocket’ one of my boars and he happened to do a poo on my lap.

Any guinea pig owner will tell you that this is an occupational hazard so I wasn’t phased by it.

I didn’t have any tissues nearby and didn’t have a towel on my lap.

The only thing was, as I was sitting there looking at what to do with this poop sitting on my lap, Rocket sniffed it and promptly gulped it down.

Can guinea pigs eat their own poop?

Seeing your guinea pig eating their own poop is the most bizarre thing!

But is this normal and is it okay for guinea pigs to eat their own poop?

As humans, we are naturally repulsed by such a thing and it is pretty disgusting.

Actually, for guinea pigs its pretty normal.

You see a guinea pig’s poop holds valuable nutrients for it.

Their bodies can’t hold all the nutrients they require and so by eating their own poop, they can look to eat the nutrients they require a second time.

If you hang around them for too long, you will see them eating their own poop out of its own anus. This can often mean reaching behind its body and scooping it out of its anus.

Gross huh?

But its perfectly healthy and the guinea pigs will gain a lot of good nutrients from doing so.

So don’t worry at all about this happening.


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