Can Guinea Pigs Eat New Potatoes?

What are new potatoes?

New potatoes have thin and wispy skins that have a waxy and crisp texture.

They are young potatoes and keep their shape once they have been cooked and cut.

New potatoes are sweeter than regular potatoes as their sugar has not yet converted into starch.

The best-known variety of new potato are Jersey Royals.

They are in season from April to July (source BBC Good Food)


So can guinea pigs eat new potatoes?

No, they can’t eat new potatoes unfortunately.

New potatoes are unfortunately toxic for guinea pigs and will harm them if eaten.

They toxins that they contain can be poisonous to piggies and so potatoes, in general, are best avoided as a food.

They are also very high in carbohydrates and are not very nutritional for piggies to eat.

What should I do if my guinea pig eats a new potato?

If they happen to nibble on one, then they should be okay. But if they eat any more than that, then this may become a problem for them.

They need to be monitored and given lots of hay and water so that their stomach settles.

If you notice their health deteriorating, then seek veterinary advice immediately.

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