can guinea pigs eat kix cereal

Can guinea pigs eat kix cereal?

Kix (stylized as KiX) is a brand of American cold breakfast cereal introduced in 1937 by the General Mills company of Golden Valley, Minnesota.

The product is an extruded, expanded puffed-grain cereal made with cornmeal.

The grain is processed and expanded (water is added and the corn is pulverized).

Cooking of Kix occurs in the extruder, then the dough is formed into the desired shape by extrusion through a die. It was the first cereal to be manufactured using this process. (source)

Can guinea pigs eat kix cereal?

Yes, they can nibble them as long as they are not coated in sugar or have a preservative or additives.

However, they have no nutritional value for them and so only give them a nibble and not too much.

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