can guinea pigs eat hibiscus

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Hibiscus?

Hibiscus is a flowering plant that is usually found in warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical places around the world.

They have large flowers that are trumpet shaped and have five or more petals that are white, yellow, purple orange and red coloured.

Dried hibiscus is edible and is a delicacy in certain areas around the world and is also often used as a garnish. Indeed the roselle is used as a vegetable.

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It is also known famously for being ground into a tea, and is popular as a diuretic.

It contains many a lot of good vitamin c and minerals.

However there are over 200 varieties of hibiscus and with that some are safe to eat and some are not safe to eat. Because of the variety of hibiscus flowers out there which are potentially toxic, it is not worth risking them on your cavy and I would leave them alone.

There are plenty of other things that guinea pigs can safely eat without risk of being poisoned at all

Can guinea pigs eat hibiscus flowers?

Because of the amount of varieties that there are of hibiscus flowers, some of which are toxic.

It is not worth risking them at all with your guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat hibiscus leaves?

No they can’t unfortunately as there is a risk of poisoning if eaten.

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