can guinea pigs eat hair

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Hair?

Have you ever had an occasion where you’ve been cuddling a guinea pig and all of a sudden it has taken a liking to your hair?

I can’t say it has happened to me as my hair is way too shot for my piggies to go for, and it’s getting shorter by the day as well!

image flickr lizzardo

But for longer haired readers this may be a problem.

Can guinea pigs eat hair?

Firstly, just to say that guinea pigs will try and eat anything they see and like the smell of.

So I’d they take a liking to your hair then, well stranger things have happened. However, this will hurt so if you can try and keep it out of the way by tying it back.

Guinea pigs are not supposed to eat human hair or any kind of hair for that matter.

It holds no nutritional benefit for them so do keep it out of their way.

Also if they find some on the floor, for example, It will cause choking issues if they try and eat it so keep them well away from such things.

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