can guinea pigs eat egg cartons

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Egg Cartons?

Egg boxes are also known egg boxes in British English and are cartons designed for carrying and transporting whole eggs.

An egg carton can be made of various materials.

These include foamed plastics such as polystyrene foam, clear plastic or may be manufactured from recycled paper.

They can also be made from molded pulp by means of a mechanized papier-mâché process. (source)

Can guinea pigs eat egg cartons?

Yes, they can eat and chew egg cartons.

#They are fine for piggies to do this and make great piggie furniture or chew toys as well.

Just make sure that they are cardboard and not plastic egg cartons. They cannot eat plastic cartons or polystyrene foam egg cartons at all, and they should be avoided.

Just make sure they don’t have anything bad for them on them that may do your guinea pig harm.

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