Can Guinea Pigs Eat in the Dark?

We’ve already discussed how guinea pigs can see in the dark better than what we can.

They have an ability to get around from place to place in darkness.

It is a skill they have and use because of their instincts as prey animals.

Because of this skill they can go from place to place and get away from their predators easily. They can also sense where each is and communicate with each other.

So if guinea pigs can see in the dark, can they eat in the dark as well?

The thing with guinea pigs is that they sense food with their noses. They like to suss things out before they taste them. In fact their noses are the primary way that they get around. In fact they use them more than their eyes.

So this means that they can still sense when food is near in the dark as well as see it.
They can eat food in the dark without a problem, in fact it has been vital for their survival and why they are still around today.

This means that if you have your guinea pigs inside you can switch the lights off and will be perfectly fine with being in that environment.

If you leave food out for them and then leave them in a darkened room, they will have no problem finding it and it will be gone on your return.

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