can guinea pigs eat carpet

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Carpet?

If you let your guinea pigs out in your home, you may have experienced them trying to chew your carpet.

The thing is that they will chew anything and if your carpet happens to catch their eye or nose for that matter, they will try and chew it.

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So is this okay?

Can guinea pigs eat carpet?

Well not really as it does neither you or your guinea pigs much good.

The trick is to divert their attention to something else to chew on.

Give them some cardboard, or better still some veggies, and they will soon stop.

You can’t stop guinea pigs from chewing but you can give them better things to chew on.

The other thing with your carpet is that it may have been treated with chemicals such as shampoos.

Well, you will know is. So this will harm them if so, so keep their attention away from your carpet.

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