Can guinea pigs drink beer

Can Guinea pigs drink Beer?

Beer is a drink that many people enjoy throughout the year. There are so many different types that you can get and they do vary in flavor and strength.

So if you have beer in your home, can guinea pigs drink it as well?

Unfortunately, beer is incredibly bad for guinea pigs.

Can Guinea pigs drink Beer?

Here’s why;

1. They cannot take any kind of alcohol. It will really harm them if they drink it and may kill them if hey have a lot of it.

2. They cannot drink carbonated drinks. They are far too acidic for them to have and that to will harm them if they have it. Their tummies just can’t handle it.

So beer really is a bad thing for your guinea pigs to have, and if you want to seriously harm your guinea pigs, if not kill them, feed it to them.

On the other hand, just give the fresh water and keep the beers to yourself and have a good night in 🙂

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