can guinea pigs die of fright

Can Guinea Pigs Die Of Fright?

Guinea pigs are timid creatures.

They can scare easily and will run for cover at the slightest sight or sound that alarms them.

A guinea pig who is unfamiliar with their surroundings can be especially timid.

They will run for cover whenever there is the slightest sound that scares them.

Piggies do not hang around to wait until they see what is happening.

They will get out of the vicinity.

This is what has kept them alive as a species and preserved them to this day.

This instinct to run has meant that they can evade other predators and get them out of harm’s way.

As guinea pigs are very timid creatures, they can often look scared and on edge because of their state of being.

So can guinea pigs die of fright?

Yes they can die of fright unfortunately.

Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals and feel what is around them.

As prey animals, they are always looking out for danger in their natural environment.

Unfortunately, guinea pigs have been known to die of fright when confronted with shocks such as dog and cat attacks, snake attacks and even when the animal does not actually touch the guinea pig, they can fatally impact the piggie.

Just the knowledge that a predator is attempting to eat it is enough to trigger a heart attack and a shut down of their system.

It can set up a massive fear reaction.

They can also suffer what is known as tonic immobility which is a behavior in which an animal becomes temporarily paralyzed and unresponsive to external stimuli.

In most cases, this occurs in response to an extreme threat such as a being captured or attacked by a predator.

They can appear to be dead and not responsive often for even a day or more.



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