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Can Guinea Pigs Climb?

Have you ever worried about whether a piggy could escape its enclosure?

Yep me too!

I’ve spent many a moment thinking about possible escape routes for my guinea pigs including up and over the bars, scaling wooden hutches, even getting over those c&c cages

So can guinea pigs climb at all?

The good news is that they have little ability to climb up verticals like other rodents such as hamsters, rats and mice can.

Their paws and limbs are just built for that kind of agility.

Other rodents are able to scale verticals because of their ability to grip edges, and to manouvre themselves up.

Rodents such as rats, mice and hamsters are also very light and their limbs are strong compared to their overall size and weight and so are able to carry themselves.

Guinea pigs just dont have this ability unfortunately, or fortunatley! Depending on your perspective on the issue.

They can climb slopes,  jump a little and clamber on smaller objects, so they could get over a small enclosure with the help of a suitably placed pig loo or something similar.

They couldn’t scale the wall though!

So as long as you have an enclosure that is at least 16 inches tall, you will have no problems.

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