can guinea pigs be bathed

Can guinea pigs be bathed?

So can guinea pigs be bathed?

Can guinea pigs be bathed?

it is not a good idea to bathe them, guinea pigs wash themselves and do not take well to water. There is absolutely no need to bathe them unless they are long haired piggies and need assistance. For more information on bathing long haired guinea pigs, check out this video.

If they do get into the water they need to be dried thoroughly. Have at least two towels ready to get your piggie dry. Make sure you towel dry your guinea pig gently, also utilizing a hair dryer very gently at its lowest setting. Make sure it isn’t too hot for them testing it against your skin.

If you do decide to bathe them, then make sure they are held firmly without hurting them as they will struggle to get away from you. They won’t enjoy the experience at all and will find it stressful.

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