settling the guinea pig in

Bringing Home a Guinea Pig: Settling the Guinea Pig In

In the third of this part series looking at what to do when your bringing home a guinea pig, we look at the whole process of settling a guinea pig in to your home.

There are some good things that you can do to ensure that the guinea pig feels well settled in its new surroundings.

1. Don’t pass the Guinea Pig around

When you get the guinea pig home, try not to pass it around from person to person in the first couple of days.

It is better if just one person holds and cuddles the guinea pig for a few minutes at a time so it can gradually acclimatize to its new surroundings.

The guinea pig can also get used to your scents and begin to feel safe.

It should begin to feel at home after a few days.

2. Let the guinea pig get used to the cage

Because it is in its new home, the guinea pig will need some time to get used to its new surroundings.

However, don’t leave the guinea pig in the cage and leave it for a period of time like a week or so as it wont know you and so will be harder to catch if it escapes and hides.

3. Get used to handling your Guinea Pig?

Handle your Guinea Pig gently two to three times a day. This way it can get to know you and become used to who you are and what you do.

After a few weeks or so, the guinea pig will soon come to the front of the cage to meet you when you visit. if you are lucky, they’ll do it sooner.

4. How to handle your Guinea Pig
  • Always go to handle the guinea pig with the intention of being gentle. Never hold the guinea pig by grabbing the scruff of its neck.
  • If you grab it from above and squeeze its ribs, it can really hurt the guinea pig. The lower part of the guinea pig is also very vulnerable to handling.
  • When handling a guinea pig, slide one hand under the tummy and rest the other hand on the back.
  • If you guinea pig wriggles quite a bit you can slide your hand underneath its backside and this will settle it.
  • Be as quiet as you can and you shouldn’t have any trouble. Do not entrust a child to handle the cavy as they need delicate handling to begin with.
5. Keep an eye on its teeth

Regularly check the guinea pig’s teeth.

Make sure any food is chopped up so that it can pick it up with its lips and pass it back to its grinding teeth.

If you find your guinea pig has stopped eating food, check its teeth are not broken. T

The guinea pig is also susceptible to broken teeth if it is dropped.

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  1. I just got my guinea pigs a new hutch which is 2 levels. but they dont seem to know how to get down the bottom…is there anyway i can get them to know how?

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