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can guinea pigs drink squash

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Squash?

Squash is another name for a cordial drink.

It is concentrated fruit juice which is purchased in bottles.

In order to drink, it only a little needs to be poured out into a glass and then water added to it to make it drinkable for humans.

As a water-based drink, it is very popular around the world and drunk in a number of different countries.

It comes in sugared and sugar-free varieties not to mention many different flavours to enhance its popularity.

We drink squash in our household all the time.

Its another name for a cordial which has had water added to it.

It could be blackcurrant, apple, lemon, grapefruit or another type of flavor.

Can guinea pigs drink squash?

So can guinea pigs drink squash?

Although it is a water-based drink, you may think that it is fine for guinea pigs to drink.

Even the sugar-free version could be good for guinea pigs, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all.

They can’t drink squash at all.

It’s just too sweet for them to drink and they won’t enjoy it all.

Squash is more likely to make them sick if anything because they can’t take drinking flavored drinks.

It is much better to stick to giving them water instead, they’ll enjoy it a whole lot more and find it more refreshing than other drink you could give them.

Guinea pigs need water most of all

Guinea pigs need access to water all of the time to nourish and refresh them.

If they don’t have access to it they will find ways of drawing it out of other forage foods so that their bodies get the water that they need to survive.