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Trimming Guinea Pigs Nails: A Step by Step Guide

Trimming Guinea Pigs nails is a precarious business if you love Guinea Pigs. If its not done properly it can end up hurting the them causing blood loss.

So here is a step by step guide to help get it done well.

1. It is best to start off by getting  your nail clipping supplies ahead of time.

You can purchase specific nail clipping scissors from a pet store or you can use a finger nail clipper or a toe nail clipper which is really good for thicker nails.

Toe or finger nail clippers are useful as  they can be manipulated easily if you are used to using them.

2. Get some syptic powder in case you cut down to the quick and the nails start to bleed.

3. Get comfortable and make sure your Guinea pig feels at ease

4. Begin with the back feet and trim the edges of the tip of each nail

5. Find where the quick is on each nail.

This is a little vein that runs through the nail and in a guinea pig with a light coloured foot you can see the blood vessel.

If you’re finding it hard to see, you could also use a light to highlight where the quick stops.

On a light coloured nail it is easy to see and it’s a marker to know how far down to cut the nail.

6. Trim the nail and ensure that you cut in the lighter part and not where any red is. Trim above the quick towards the tip of the nail.

If you cut into the quick, the nail will bleed.

7. Repeat the principle for the front nails, just trimming the tips of the nails.

8. Trim the tips for the dark coloured nails. If you have a Guinea Pig with dark coloured nails where you cant see where the quick is, just take the very tip of the nail off.

They may seem slightly longer, but you wont be in danger of cutting down and breaking into the quick.

9. Have your Syptic Powder ready. If you happen to cut the nail too short and there is some bleeding, get the styptic powder and put the Guinea Pig’s foot into the powder.

The blood would absorb the powder and then clot, thus stopping the bleeding.

Make sure that the bleeding has stopped before you put the Guinea pig back into its cage.

Other tips for trimming Guinea Pig’s nails

  • Trim the Guinea Pig’s nails on a monthly basis.
  • Try and get all the nails done. It can be a stressful operation for both ourselves and the guinea pig but its important it gets done on a regular basis.
  • If you don’t trim the nails, they can grow long and curl around into the pad of the Guinea pigs foot If this happens it can cause infections and pain for your Guinea Pig.
  • However frightened you maybe of trimming the nails it is worth it in the long run, so be brave!
  • You can also take your Guinea Pig to a veterinary or a pet groomers to get this done for you.