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can guinea pigs eat avocados

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Avocados?

So, ‘can guinea pigs eat avocados?’

Avocados are one of those fruits that we have as part of a salad or a cooked meal or even on occasion, on its own.

They are quite exotic fruits, as they are found in central mexico and often grown in tropical and Mediterranean climates.

We always have an avocado around as there may be a time when we use it. So can guinea pigs eat avocados?

can guinea pigs eat avocados

image: flickr masejose

My gut feeling is that it was a fruit that I should steer clear of for my guinea pig, but what did others say?

Researching the subject seemed to conclude the same thing.

In fact there was a pretty unanimous reaction!.

Can guinea pigs eat avocados?

All books, forums and sites that I looked at recommended that guinea pigs should stay well away from avocados.

Why avocados are not good for guinea pigs

What isn’t good for the guinea pig, is the light green cream which is found in the avocado which causes  the intestines to slow down because it is high in fat.

If they do have  a small amount, then it is not going to do them any harm. But a large amount may harm them.

If they do eat too much of it, then do seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Can guinea pigs eat avocado seeds?

Avocado seeds are not safe for guinea pigs to eat either as they are full of harmful toxins for the guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat avocado skin?

Unfortunately, avocado skin is poisonous and not safe for them.  Stay well away from it as a food for guinea pigs.

In summary

I didn’t  even attempt to give ‘Rocket’ any avocado and will steer clear of it. With it appearing on many lists for foods that guinea pigs shouldn’t eat¸ it is not even worth risking it.

A food for your guinea pig to say away from!