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can guinea pigs eat lined paper

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lined Paper?

Lined paper is paper which has been printed with lines with ink so people can write on it. It is popularly used in education.

Can guinea pigs eat lined paper?

If they are fed any type of substance, guinea pigs will look to eat it.

They are natural eaters and chewers and so will attempt to eat anything that it likes the look at.

This includes lined paper which is used for a lot of people who like to use it.

If the lined paper is chewed at all, it would be fine for guinea pigs to chew and eat and they will be fine.

If you are worried about the ink, it is harmless to piggies and is not poisonous at all.

can guinea pigs eat notebook paper

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Notebook Paper?

If you have ever left your guinea pig out to play in your home you will know that they have a penchant for chewing anything in sight.

This includes carpet, cables, toys, furniture and of course paper.

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So is it okay for guinea pigs to eat notebook paper and will it do them any harm?

Can guinea pigs eat notebook paper?

Yes, its absolutely fine for them to eat it and it won’t do them any harm at all.

They always need something to chew on so it will help in that instance, but because it isn’t that tasty, they will probably leave it alone once they realize it isn’t up to their usual taste requirements.

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