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can you mix guinea pigs and chinchillas

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Chinchilla Food?

I am indebted to the RSPCA who have a tremendously site and document the foods that chinchillas should eat very well.

The question of whether guinea pigs can eat chinchilla food is so,etching that can be discovered by looking at what chinchillas need to eat and comparing it to what piggies need to eat.

So let’s dig a little deeper and find out more

According to the RSPCA chinchillas need to have access to fresh clean water all of the time. This is much the same as guinea pigs, as without water chinchillas can get pretty ill.

The nest thing they need is good quality hay. This needs to make up 70-80% of their diet and needs to be available at all times much like water. This also is much like what guinea pigs need.they need hay for their digestive systems to function and to grind their teeth down as like guinea pigs, their teeth are constantly growing.

They need a small amount of grassed-based chinchilla pellets each day to compliment their hay. This is where chinchillas and guinea pigs diets begin to separate.

Chinchillas tend to eat for long periods of time, during the night time.

They live to eat root vegetables like dried fruit, and carrots and leafy greens. Another tick in the box for the guinea pig diet comparison apart for the dried fruit which is too sweet for piggies.

They can’t eat foods such as grains, fruit, and sweet treats. This again is very similar to piggies. However the difference is that guinea pigs can eat fruit which can be very good for them in small amounts depending on the fruit.

So as you can see guinea pigs and chinchillas have very similar dietary requirements.

They both need fresh water and fresh hay as a must requirement.

They can both eat leafy veggies and carrots sparingly.

But do avoid giving guinea pigs chinchilla pellets, dried fruit, and sweet treats.

Guinea pigs have their own pellets for which are specific for their dietary requirements.

But on the whole, guinea pigs and chinchillas share very similar dietary requirements so as king as you steer clear sharing the things they can’t eat together then