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can guinea pigs eat each other

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Each Other?

So can Guinea Pigs Eat Each Other?

Not a dumb a question as it sounds!

A lot of animals will resort if absolutely desperate to eat the corpses of their own.

But will guinea pigs eat each other if they were absolutely desperate for food?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is they are herbivores so do not eat meat at all. They will nibble on it but will quickly turn away from it.

So there is no danger of cannibalism as far as guinea pigs are concerned.

However, they will fight each other and there is often conflict within herds. In these situations, guinea pigs have been known to bite each other as an attack.

They have also been known to chew on each other’s hair, merely out of interest and because they are always looking to chew on something.

But that’s where it ends, and guinea pigs will not go further than biting or nibbling each other or even chewing each other’s hair, which is nice to know really 🙂

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