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can guinea pigs eat brambles

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brambles?

In British English, a “bramble” is any rough (usually wild) tangled prickly shrub.

This is specifically the blackberry bush (Rubus fruticosus)—or any hybrid of similar appearance, with thorny stems.

Bramble or brambleberry may also refer to the blackberry fruit or products of its fruit (e.g., bramble jelly).

The shrub grows abundantly in all parts of the British Isles and harvesting the fruits in late summer and autumn is often considered a favorite pastime.

It can also become a nuisance in gardens, sending down its strong suckering roots amongst hedges and shrubs.

Many consider it a weed due to its tendency to grow in neglected areas and it’s sharp, tough thorns which can be hazardous to children and pets. (source)

Can guinea pigs eat brambles?

No, unfortunately, they can’t eat brambles.

They will hurt a guinea pig with their spikes and so are something to avoid giving to guinea pigs.

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