Why One Guinea Pig Is Not Enough.

The thing about having guinea pigs is that people often think that they can get away with just having one guinea pig alone. That’s the easiest way right. Its less hassle and a lot less financial outlay, not to mention maintenance. But if you want to be kind to your cavy, then one guinea pig is not enough.

Guinea pigs are very sociable animals and are naturally used to living with one another so if you can help it is not good for the guinea pig to be kept apart from others if you can help it.

There are always exceptions to this however, as some do prefer their own company. But on the whole, guinea pigs do get quite lonely and much prefer the company of others, even humans.

So this is why getting one guinea pig is not enough. If in doubt, get two. It isn’t that much more effort to look after.

If you are buying two together for the first time, then assuming they have been purchased at the same time then they will have no trouble settling down.

It is always best to keep cavies of the same sex together unless you want to breed them and you will find that two of the same sex will live together just fine.

A good mix is to have one older and one younger guinea pig together of the same sex. Two older guinea pigs cohabiting can often be difficult.

If you do have a male and a female together, then you may want to get the male neutered by a vet.

Usually, cavies do prefer to share a hutch but you could give them a separate place to go each such as a box each. The hutch does need to be of a good size though, to accommodate them all. The RSPCA recommend a good sized hutch will be a minimum size of 100cm x 50cm with a minimum run size of 150cm x 100cm.

We have just acquired another guinea pig through a breeder in our area who we knew, to give some company for our boar ‘Rocket’. We thought Rocket would be just fine on his own, but actually he did get quite lonely and to be fair to him. We acquired ‘Uno’ and have spent time getting him settled in and acquainted with Rocket. It really hasn’t taken much time at all and we know that they are now able to keep each other company.

I quite often hear them squeaking away at each other or chasing each other around the run in a playful way. They are getting on great, and it is not much more maintenance compared to just having Rocket on his own.

You can get guinea pigs from local breeders in the area or the best thing is to get a guinea pig from a local rescue centre who are always looking for owners.

5 thoughts on “Why One Guinea Pig Is Not Enough.

  1. I am going to be getting two young male guinea pigs and I keep hearing two different stories.I’ve heard its fine to have two male guinea pigs and I’ve heard its not. I’m confused! I’ve had guinea pigs all my life and have only had one at a time. I want two males together. Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Two males together I would advise against, I bought two together as babies and they were fine for the first 6 weeks, then the more dominate male attacked the other one and bit his ear off. When I spoke to the vet he said they can do this and sometimes fight to the death. Male and females from my experience get along better and you can have the male done so that you don’t get any little ones appearing.

      1. That’s interesting you say that and thanks for sharing your experience Barbara. You definitely need to be careful when putting two males together. Im sorry you had such a bad experience with your two

    2. I have two males and two females that are keep in separate cages, from experience i think every piggy needs there own space so if you don’t have a big enough cage to keep two in i recommend getting two cages and have them beside or bunk bed like and have supervised play time on the floor cause there is plenty of space it may take some time and patience and a quick hand with a towel if they start fighting…..i also think females live with each other easier but harder for me to gain there trust whereas the males found it hard to get along with themselves but with in minutes one of the males was pop corning in my lap as i trying to pet him 😀 hope this helps

      1. oh for any paranoid people 😀 yes the girls are out together on the floor 80% of the time and the same with my lads….only difference being i have to keep an eye on the lads but the girls are fine

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