how long do guinea pigs sleep for

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Sleep For?

When it comes to sleeping, guinea pigs do not sleep for long periods at all.

In fact they do not have sustained periods of sleep like humans do.

Instead, they tend to have short naps when they need to which vary in length depending on whether they are disturbed.

They are very light sleepers and are always listening out for predators that may get them.

How long do guinea pigs sleep for?

So when it comes to how long they sleep for, it can range from a few minutes to a few hours at the most.

However it is quite hard to tell whether they are asleep as they often sleep with their eyes open.

But they are often very still when they sleep with their eyes not moving, so that is the only sign.

Check out the video of sleeping piggies below. You can see how they wake in an instant at the slightest noise. (image)


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