All about the Harlequin guinea pig in 28 facts

The Harlequin guinea pig is a beautiful guinea pig with a fine coat of color which makes it stand out. Here are 28 great facts about this special variety of guinea pig.

28 Harlequin Guinea pig facts
  1. The harlequin guinea pig is a rarer variety of guinea pig
  2. It is a variety of guinea pig as all guinea pigs are of the same species.
  3. It is a smooth coated guinea pig much like the American guinea pig.
  4. They are found in most developed countries.
  5. Like other varieties, it was first brought into the world through cross-breeding different varieties.
  6. In fact, they come from roans, brindles and Dalmatians which have been bred together.
  7. The harlequin refers to its coloring which differs it from other varieties of guinea pig
  8. It carries a cheque board pattern of square-cut patches of black, yellow, and black/yellow which intermingles with a dividing line that runs the length of the guineapig both on its top and underside.
  9. The harlequin should be half black and half yellow in color
  10. There is no set sequence for the patches.on its body
  11. Each patch should consist of either a solid color or an even intermixing of colors, clearly delineated from surrounding patches, and there should be no intermingling of hairs of a different color in the patches.
  12. The divide of color is down the centre of its face
  13. The body of the harlequin has either black and yellow equally distributed or black and yellow mixed together or even three colors on each side of the guinea pig which are balanced equally.
  14. Another variation of the Harlequin is the chocolate harlequin which has chocolate brown instead of black.
  15. All of the colors should be present on each side of the cavy, ideally on the body.
  16. They have more mixed color bands on the abdomen and rump.
  17. They have more solid colors on their faces.
  18. The harlequin has large eyes which are round and dark
  19. They have large and drooping ears.
  20. They should have soft groomed hair which is free of guard hairs
  21. Harlequins tend to have dark eyes
  22. They have short cobby bodies with good width across their shoulders and body
  23. Harlequins tend to have a good size according to their age.
  24. They have large bright and bold eyes set with a good width between
  25. Harlequins muzzle is of good width and rounded at their nostrils.
  26. They have a short and broad head with a curving profile.
  27. As a variety of guinea pig, they are difficult to find if you want to purchase one.
  28. They can usually be obtained from specialist breeders of harlequin guinea pigs.

source British cavy council 

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