Are Guinea Pigs Territorial?

Guinea pigs are known to be very social animals but also have a tendency not to be too happy when a new guinea pig comes into its home.

So are guinea pigs territorial at all?

Because they are social animals it is natural for them to share their home together and will happily live in the same place as other piggies sharing sleeping quarters, food and water with each other. In fact, they would much rather do that than be on their own.

However, if they have been on their own for some time then there may be some issues with another guinea pig coming onto its territory as it just isn’t used to having another piggie around. With this situation the other guinea pig needs to be brought in gradually and eased in until you are certain that both guinea pigs get on with each other.

Other times you may see them being territorial is when they discover a new area where they haven’t been before and then they may look to claim the area as their own and tell the others to go away but chattering at them.

So they are territorial in some things, but compared to other animals it is not very significant and will on the whole, share their environment with other piggies quite happily.

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