guinea pigs purr

Why do Guinea Pigs Purr?

You may have had a situation where you are holding a guinea pig and they are laid out on you and suddenly they begin to purr.

A bit weird don’t you think, surely only cats purr, not guinea pigs right??

Nope, guinea pigs purr too.

Actually, it’s a great sign.

Why do guinea pigs purr?

It’s a sign that your guinea pig is feeling relaxed and calm.

It’s a sign that they are at peace and are comfortable in their surroundings.

They may even close their eyes which is probably the ultimate sign that a guinea pig feels at ease in the environment.

When guinea pigs are purring it is a great sign and you should be pleased that they feel so at ease as they are naturally very cautious creatures and quite jumpy most of the time.

This is because they are always on their guard against predators being prey animals that they are.

So if your guinea pig begins to purr whilst you are holding it, be pleased that it feels comfortable in its surroundings.

It is a sign that you are doing the right things with regards to looking after your guinea pig.

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