should guinea pigs have baths

Should Guinea Pigs Have Baths?

If you have guinea pigs you may think that they may need to be bathed often in order to keep them clean, much like other animals. However there are animals that are adept at keeping themselves clean.

The thing with guinea pigs is that they are creatures that do try and keep themselves as clean as possible. They are pretty good at taking care of themselves and especially if you have a short haired cavy they don’t require much bathing.

Short haired cavies can deal with most dirt and grime on them however there maybe times when guinea pigs do need to be bathed.

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1. It’s a good idea to bathe guinea pigs three times a year just to get rid of any stuff that they haven’t manage to deal with. Jackies Guinea pigs recommends not bathing them too often because their skin can become irritated as it can dry out quickly.

2. If your piggies are quite elderly they may get scum built up around their anus and they may need help in getting rid of hat.

3. Your vet may prescribe a medicated bath to help with any conditions that they may have.

4. Long haired cavy breeds require much more attention to their grooming than sort haired cavies. They often require their long hair to be washed because it matts very easily. This especially happens around the anus.

So there are some very good reasons why your guinea pigs should have regular baths, but if you have short haired cavies, don’t feel obliged to bathe them on a regular basis as they are very good at keeping themselves clean and don’t need assistance.

If you are going to bathe your guinea pigs, then gorgeous guineas has some very good shampoos for your guinea pigs and are known as the best around for looking after your guinea pigs hair in a good way.

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