Are Guinea Pigs Affectionate?

When you get a new guinea pig, it can be a strange thing for both owner and guinea pig.

A guinea pig in new surroundings can often appear very reluctant to get close to a human and can often run away when approached.

They will often react to humans attempting to touch them or pick them up by running away and hiding.

So if this is the case are guinea pigs affectionate at all?

The thing with guinea pigs is that they respond to the treatment that they receive.

In fact, they can be very sweet and affectionate pets to keep, if they are treated well.

They are known for being very therapeutic and people have done things like taken them around nursing wards to cheer people up because of their therapeutic character.

They are most known for showing affection by purring but they can also wheak and popcorn as well. But you do have to earn it.

Here are a number of things you can do which may increase its affection for you.

1.Be nice to your guinea pig.

Like humans, guinea pigs respond when you are kind to them. In fact the kinder you are to em, the kinder they will be in return. It’s true. I’ve seen it with my own, as they intelligent creatures and do respond to the way you are.

2. Feed them often.

Just like us they are not happy if they’re not fed, they get fidgety and restless and are always on the look out for their next meal. They are content when they’re tummies are full and have been fed well and are more likely to be affectionate. Why not try and feed them treats from your hand. They will get to know your smell, and that you are kind to them and want to show them affection. They do sense it.

3. Keep them in a good environment.

Guinea pigs best temperature to live in is between 10 degrees to 25 degrees. It’s at this range that they’re at their best. They aren’t shivering in the cold or snuggled up to each other to keep warm and they are not sheltering from the sun looking to some shade.

4.Handle your guinea pig often.

Guinea pigs really don’t mind being handled, if they know you are going to handle them well. This takes time to build up trust but once it’s gained and hey know you’ll give them plenty of stroking then they’ll return affection in he form of lots of purring

5. Play with them.

Another way to gain a guinea pigs affection is to spend time playing with it. Let it run around on your room floor and sit yourself in the middle and give them Inge to do such as things to run through, jump on and chew. They really respond to attention.

6. Speak to your guinea pig. 

Guinea pigs respond well to you speaking to them. They don’t understand what you are saying to them but respond to the tone and intonation in how you say things. Speak gently and softly to them, in whispers even. They will enjoy it and love the attention that they are getting from you.

By doing these things your guinea pigs will hopefully respond to you being affectionate and respond in kind. It takes patience though and the more patience you show, the better chance of you achieving the desired result.

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