Guinea Pig Rescue Shelters in Minnesota

Here is a list of the guinea pig rescue shelters in Minnesota that we know of.

If you know of any that we’ve missed then please let us know.

Rescued pets are wonderful – based in Blaine, Rescued Pets Are Wonderful is a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for rescued dogs and cats, and educating the Twin Cities community about responsible pet ownership and overpopulation. Since 2004, RPAW has rescued and rehomed almost 4,000 animals.

The Piggy Place – Based in Brooklyn Park, We are the place where piggies can go to find forever homes when their current family can no longer care for them.  We are also the place that you can contact if you are looking for a special little pig to add to your family!

Lovely Cavy Rescue and sanctuary – Based at Saul centre, I started this informal in-home rescue to help my friends friends, family members friends,  neighbors and all the others in Minnesota I knew who were misinformed on how to properly care for their guinea pigs.

Piggy Haven – Based in Saint Paul, We are a small rescue home based dedicated to guinea pigs that are in need of a helping hand to find a forever home. There are small fees and all profits go right back to this cause. We believe that every pig deserves a second chance.

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