cover my guinea pig cage

Should I cover my guinea pig cage at night?

When thinking about whether I should cover my guinea pig cage there are some factors to consider.

We know it can get pretty cold during the night time and you happen to keep your guinea pigs outside should a cover be applied to the cage at all to keep them warmer?

Should I cover my guinea pig cage at night?

It really depends on how cold it is.

If it is below 5 degrees celcius or 41 degrees farenheit, then they really should be inside.

But the next best thing would be a cover over the cage/hutch to keep them warmer.

However, the cover shouldn’t be kept on the cage during the day time as the cage will need fresh air in to give it chance to air.

Guinea pigs also need a chance to run around and so will nee access to their run.

If is is a little warmer then a cover isn’t so necessary.
Just make sure there is plenty of hay in their cage and they will be fine.

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