Should guinea pigs be bought in pairs?

Can Guinea Pigs Overeat?

If there’s one thing that guinea pig’s are really good at, its eating. They will have a nibble at anything and if like the taste of it, they will eat it.

One of the main reasons for this is that their teeth are constantly growing and they need to keep chewing in order to grind down their teeth.

So this means that they always looking for things to chew on.

So is there a danger that they could overeat at all?

Fortunatley, guinea pigs are pretty good at self regulating themselves. They don’t eat all the time and do get full like we do.

So its important that they always have access to hay to chew on to grind down their teeth as well as vitamin c pellets and fresh water.

But just as importantly its important that they have the space where they can run around so as give them the exercise they need otherwise they will get quite large.

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