can guinea pigs be kept outside

Can guinea pigs be kept outside?

Although it is always desirable to keep your guinea pig’s inside, sometimes this is not always an option for many owners. This may be because of space or because other family members object.

Can guinea pigs be kept outside?

Yes, they can be kept outside, as long as the environment is right. Guinea pigs enjoy temperatures between 10 degrees centigrade and 20 degrees centigrade.

If it gets any hotter in temperature then they start to get uncomfortable and will seek refuge. They cannot take direct sunlight and will overheat due to their thick coats.

If it gets cold below 10 degrees centigrade, they also don’t like it too much because of the cold.

Beware of frost and snow as well. If these conditions occur, guinea pigs must be put in a shelter or out the house to keep them out of the snow or frost.

If they are kept outside there needs to be a waterproof and flood proof shelter where they can retreat to if it rains.

It also needs to be predator proof so interested predators cannot get into the cage or enclosure to attack the guinea pig. Predators can include, cats, snakes, birds of prey, foxes, and coyotes. It will vary depending on where you live as to what their predators will be.


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