can guinea pigs eat only hay

Can Guinea Pigs eat Only Hay?

Guinea pigs love hay. They need to chew on it all the time so as to keep their teeth ground down and not painful as their teeth are constantly growing. This is a common trait amongst members of the rodent family so they always need to be chewing hay.

In fact the greener hay, the more they like it.

The more yellow it is, the less they like it.

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So can Guinea pigs eat only hay?

Can guinea pigs eat only hay? They could do but they wouldn’t get a balanced diet.

They also need vitamin c which they can get from vitamin c pellets or from certain veggies or fruit.

Their diet should be made up of 75% hay and the rest of vitamin c pellets! veggies and fruit topped by a constant supply of water.

This way guinea pigs get the nutrients their body needs.

So although they love hay and need to eat it every day round the clock, they also need other types of food to give them their bodies what they can’t create themselves.

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