can guinea pigs eat olive oil

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Olive Oil?

Olive oil is one of most if not the most used oil that is used in cooking in the world today. It is mainly made in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, spacing and Italy.

It is used in different ways and in different dishes.

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So if we Dan eat it, can Guinea pigs eat olive oil?

Unfortunately they can’t, olive oil is far too acidic for them and will damage them I’d they eat eat it.

It is definitely worth steering well clear of it as a food for your guinea pigs.

If they do happen to take in some olive oil for some reason, then it really depends on how much they take in as to the action you take. If its only a very small amount, they should be fine. But if its any more than that, then do seek veterinary advice.

One thought on “Can Guinea Pigs Eat Olive Oil?

  1. I actually disagree with this. It is correct that you shouldn’t give guinea pigs olive oil for no good reason – oil is definitely not part of a herbivores diet normally. However, a small amount of olive oil (typically under 1ml at a time) can be syringe fed to Guinea pigs to help cure problems such as constipation or gas bloat, and can therefore be useful in such situations.

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