Can guinea pigs eat too much vitamin c ?

So if you know Guinea pigs you know that they need vitamin c in order to supplement for what their bodies don’t produce. Its one of their many quirks, but one that if it isn’t addressed by their owners, they will have a pretty short life.

One of the things that guinea pigs do is that they eat and eat and eat lots and so often what owners do is to feed them many foods with high amounts of vitamin c in them.

But what happens if they eat too much vitamin c, will that do them harm at all? Its a valid concern as often too much of some nutrients, can cause an animal damage.

Well it’s good to be concerned, but just like us, their bodies have ways of not using what vitamin c they don’t need. So if they do eat more vitamin c than what they need then it will just excrete it out.

That way, their body says ‘thank you very much for giving me what I don’t have, but I don’t need the rest’ and gets rid of it.

This saves us having to worry about feeding them too much. In fact if in doubt, feed them too much and they’ll get rid of what they don’t need.

So don’t worry about feeding them too much vitamin c, in this case ‘they can’t have too much of a good thing’.

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