Can Guinea Pigs Eat Too Much Grass

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Too Much Grass?

Have you ever been tempted to put your piggies out on to the grass on a nice cool day to let them run around?

Yes me too, and i’ve done it many times.

They love to run about in the grass to exercise and to munch on the grass that there is available.

It is kind of like heaven to them!

However, is there such thing as too much of a good thing when putting them out to munch on grass?

Can guinea pigs eat too much grass?

Unfortunately yes they can.

This is because the grass that they eat is too much for their stomach’s if they consume too much of it.

They tend to eat so much then stop, as if to say i’ve really had enough now.

Their poop also goes a bit more goo-ier as a consequence of eating too much grass and this is never a good thing as far as piggies are concerned.

However, they are good at self regulating themselves and will stop when they are full.

But not before they’ve upset their digestive system a bit.

So what is the way around this?

Whenever you introduce foods in to a piggy’s diet, it is good to do so gradually over a few weeks.

Introducing them bit by bit to fresh grass will allow their stomach’s to grow accustomed to eating it.

That is, if they are not used to it!

If they are just used to eating dry hay, and then they suddenly are moved to a patch of fresh grass.

This will upset their digestive system.

So it is better to plan this out, rather than overwhelm your guinea pig with all that new lovely fresh grass.

Give it a bit a day to help it become accustomed to it and you will get a piggy with less gooey poop!!

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