can guinea pigs eat mint

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mint?

Mint is an aromatic plant that is native to temperate regions and is used as a culinary herb.

It is very easy to grow, has a very pleasing aroma and is a good addition to any garden or nursery.

It is a very useful herb and makes a healthy tea, a fragrant potpourri and a very good insect deterrent amongst other things.

So can guinea pigs eat mint at all?

Yes they can in small amounts.

That’s if they will eat it if you feed it to them of course.

My piggies are never very keen on mint and prefer to eat other types of food, mainly due to its strong taste and smell.

They always give it a good sniff, then walk away from it.

If anything, it is more used to flavor foods than eat outright as it is so strong.

So if you want to feed it to them, it is fine to try.

Make sure it is washed thoroughly though before you feed it to them.

This is to ensure any unwanted pests are washed off it.


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